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SunBurst Integrated Services Pte Ltd has been established for more than six years, incorporated as a Private Limited Company with a Paid-up Capital of S$100,000.00 Under the leadership of its executive director Mr. Adrian Kong, a veteran in the Cleaning Industry for more than Six years and with strong support from the clients, he managed to market the company¡¯s services and secured a sizeable number of term contracts. With proven track records and realizing the need to plan ahead with a farsighted view of the future demand for good quality service, the company¡¯s Paid-up Capital was raised to $550,000.00 in-order to enhance its growth. And with continuous help and support from the financial institutions our company has moved forward, in tandem with the industry¡¯s development. We are proud to be one of the accredited and respected cleaning and maintenance contractors, catering to a wide spectrum of the business. Our ability to serve the needs of the management of Commercial Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings/Factories, Condominiums, & Recreational establishments as well as other types of estates and premises have been well recognized and acknowledged.

In order to keep pace with the industry¡¯s development, relentless efforts are continuously made to improve and up-grade the standard and level of competencies of our staff and workers. Hence the provision of a certain percentage of derived income being ploughed into the training and upgrading of personnel.

Departing from the old management concept, our middle-management team is given equal opportunity and responsibility in running the business. The decentralized management process and decision making enable each team leader to respond positively and timely to the demand of our customers and satisfy the needs of end users as well as our company.

As a service provider, it is paramount that we have the ability to provide our clients with the expected standard of hygienically cleaned environment within the estates or premises which are contracted to our company.

Apart from providing term contract for cleaning services, we also cater to specialized needs like carpet shampooing, upholstery shampooing, marble floor polishing and waxing and external facade cleaning.

As you can reckon, it is beyond the scope of this write-up to elaborate on the profile of our company except to add that we have the ability to serve and to serve you well.

To support and to vouch for our standard of service, we will provide, upon request, list of clientele for your referrals.

Without obligation, please feel free to contact us for a meeting and discussion about your cleaning needs and our services.